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Orders may be placed using the internet or mail

  Click here for School Order or use the appropriate mail graphic button below. On line orders are handled by PayPal or SoftShop using Secure e-Commerce Web Servers.
  Using a 'www' payment agent ensures that personal details are encrypted with the guarantee that your information is transmitted direct to the secure order processing server and nowhere else, so we have no knowledge of credit card details (refer to PayPal system and SoftShop system for more information).
We can respond to registration/order queries but do not take direct telephone orders against a credit card, use phone details or fax details for this service with SoftShop.
  Click on the heading/link to view software descriptions, or click on preferred order method/agent graphic below.  
  Plan4Me - School Plan Management            
  Free version with upgrades from uk£20 refer licenses. Download Plan4Me Order with PayPal Order with PayPal Order with SoftShop MailOrder Plan4ME  
  Report4Me - Pupil Report Management            
  Versions £10 Lite, £15 Std, £20 Full
also multiple license .
Download Report4ME Order with PayPal Order with PayPal Order with SoftShop MailOrder Report4ME  
  WordBase4Me - Document Management            
  Free version with upgrade uk£20 also
volume discounts available.
Download Report4ME Order with PayPal Order with PayPal Order with SoftShop MailOrder WordBase4ME  
  WordFile4Me  Free/trial versions, Download TheDict4ME        
  and  register for    Order with PayPal Order with PayPal Order with SoftShop MailOrder TheDict4ME/WordFile4ME
  TheDict4Me  uk£10 or us$15 Download WordFile4ME
  Multiple license discounts available,
and a single registration/upgrade covers both titles.
  Small cost differencies may arise due rounding/exchange rates. It's a matter of preference which agent/payment method you choose.
We best not say which agent/bank takes the larger commission.
Order with PayPal 
  PayPal is very easy to use and prevents the need for re-entering card details once you have an account. If you've not joined yet you can still use this ordering system, you will need your card, there are no additional charges. PayPal can also accept multi-license discount payment based in either the following:- Order with PayPal  
  Order with PayPal (GBP Based) or Order with PayPal (USD Based)  
Don't like entering your details over the web see PayPal privacy.
  All currencies are accomodated by both online systems. SoftShop - credit cards accepted
  Our account with SoftShop (swreg) is UK pound (GBP) based with the option to display in a selected currency, they also accept an impressive range of credit cards. 
Select to browse our secure area at SoftShop.
(You will need to allow the pop-up screen to select a different currency.)
Engineering Council Registration No. 324531. Quality Systems Assessors Certificate No. MFQ1308.
Location: Bolton, England. UK telephone 087199 66268
via mobile: Overseas(+44) UK(0) 70170 19268 :
calls may be recorded, includes landlines/voicemail 
  Additional downloads.  
  . Update to version 4.55.21 of Plan4Me
. Update to version 4.55.23 of WordFile4Me
. Update  to version 4.55.23 of TheDict4Me
. Update to version 4.55.21 of Plan4Me Lite
. Update to version 4.05.10 of WordBase4Me
. Latest Scheme Plan / Import Data
. Spell Check and Word Finish dictionaries
. Schemes of Work
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