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School Plan Management
Free lite, trial std versions - upgrades from 20 uk-pounds or 30 us-dollars

Schemes of Work

Feed Back 
Pupil Report Management
Versions from 10 uk-pounds or 15 us-dollar

Contact/ Help
WordFile4Me and TheDict4Me
Free/trial - upgrade (volume discounts) for 10 uk-pounds or 15 us-dollars

Web site services

If you want to establish your web presence with content in line with W3C standards or get some independent advice at very competitive rates then  contact for more information.
Domain name and reliable/cost effective web hosting can be offered with generous web space or perhaps we could use your existing service. We do not insist on annual contracts and we can setup your site so that you can take over later at no additional cost, of course, if you have problems or just need some more help then you are free to use someone else or we can continue to assist.

ByronSoftware for Sailing Clubs

We still maintain Sailboat handicaps and provide free an independent handicap / rating calculation for your cruiser, just complete this form.

Bespoke software development and Services

  If you need to automate procedures by using software specially tailored to suit your purpose, or you would like some independent assistance, then please  contact for more information.
Software access to multi relational database files, data transfer and networking are specialties; we offer very competitive rates.
If you need help to reduce operating costs, but the organisation can't support an appropriately experienced individual on a full time basis, then why not consider allowing us to offer some part time help.

If you intend to procure a product in the UK and need an agent or a senior engineer to assist with a product audit, then we can help. Our experience is predominantly from machine tool, rail traction & paper machine industries, as well as educational establishments.
Location: Bolton, England.
telephone: Overseas(+44) UK(0) 87 199 66268 : calls may be recorded/voicemail

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