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Document Processing and Management
ByronSoftware for Schools Private Word processed documents and graphics, compressed in a secure multi-user DataBase format which facilitates group/subject sort, quick retrieval and print.
Makes easy work of the creation, modification and retrieval of word processed, object linked and graphical documentation. Data compression enables a significant amount of information to be retained and accessed quickly without any program restriction as to the number of documents nor the number of user names. The record sorting, export and import facilities enable document groups to be selected and transferred between PC's to facilitate home working.
Designed for office, home and school use where a PC is shared
without the 'over complication' for people to accidentally reconfigure.
The design includes a number of novel concepts and is focused on the needs of a range of users with its learning stages, advanced dictionary/thesaurus, spell checking and word finish functions. The security and privacy features being particularly relevant for administrators, teachers and parents who share a PC. The option to prevent other users from viewing, modifying or deleting your documents has value in the office, school classroom and at home.
Using the early learning stage formats the application helps the 'beginner' with toolbar buttons and menu options being introduced progressively. At later stages it has all the features that an 'A' level or university student may require, such as an advanced Thesaurus/Dictionary with word definitons, a novel 'word finish' facility plus 'word count' and 'spell check' with foreign language options.
After 60 days there is no loss of functionality but a nag screen will show at 15 minute intervals to try and persuade you to upgrade / register. There is a uk£20 or us$29 fee, but entering the codes provided adds more facilities and of course stops the nag function .
If you don't think the program is worth it or you can't afford the cost then don't register.
Registration is an issue of conscience, upgrades online from uk£20 (local currencies accepted by SWREG) or $29 US dollars with PayPal (multiple license/volume discounts are available).
Download WordBase4Me Full Setup or existing users Download Update to latest version
WordBase4Me-Advanced Stage 8
Accessing a document record reconfigures the application to the stage/level at which it was saved.
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In the advanced stage the program includes object, picture, column and table functions, can insert/convert most popular Word processor formats (.doc) and web documents (htm and html). Text font and colour choices are no longer restricted and the wordbank is replaced with the Thesaurus/Dictionary (which requires a separate download and installation).
The 'word finish' and 'spell check' functions can use a range of Main Dictionary files which include foriegn languages but also you can use your own 'word list' as the Main dictionary in addition to the usual Custom dictionary; this simple novel feature produces a significant performance advantage over that used in most popular word processors and the program includes a word sort option to create such a dictionary/word list from any text/document.
The comprehensive wbhelp.htm, Tutorial and Tip files are provided to assist with the understanding of program function. Online Technical Help is also available.
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