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BySchool WordFile4Me - the 'staged' Word Processor designed especially for educational use
(Updated for 2010 and Windows 7) 

The application is an Object Linked Embedded (OLE) capable word processor with nine different stages/faces, to suit curriculum requirements the stage menu selector allows features to be enabled progressively. Opening a document reconfigures the application to the stage/level at which it was saved, hence solving the configuration problem when, for example, year 1 pupils follow year 6 pupils into the school's computer room.
The comprehensive Tutorial, Help and Tip files are provided to assist with the understanding of program function and include suggestions as to lesson/session content and pupil progress. Differentiation within lesson plans for a mixed ability pupil group can be readily accommodated.

Conceptual design by teachers for the teacher and rapid pupil progress
without the 'over complication' for people to accidentally reconfigure.


At stage1 the application facilitates the introduction of ICT at primary school with only four large buttons being visible yet at the later stages it has the features that an 'A' level or university student may require, such as a novel 'word finish' facility plus 'word count' and 'spell check' with foreign language options, also the program provides access to an advanced Thesaurus/Dictionary complete with multi-sense word definitons.

After 60 days a nag screen will show at 15 minute intervals to try and persuade you to register for the upgrade to include the Thesaurus/Dictionary. If you don't upgrade only access to the Thesaurus/Dictionary  becomes inoperative and the nag increases to a maximum of 10 minutes after 120 days. WordFile does NOT lose any functionality and your work is always accessible, plus it can be saved as a standard rtf or doc file. Private users may regard WordFile4Me as Freeware, commercial users really should register.
OrderRegister/upgrade online for uk£10 or $15 US dollars with PayPal  or SoftShop
currency convertion and multiple license/volume discounts are available ).


WordFile4Me - Stage 1

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   Four large buttons are included and by default the text is set to large to facilitate exercises using the pointing device/mouse.
The 'Speak' button enables the program to highlight and 'talk' the entered words, provided the system has a sound card and speakers or headphones attached. Whilst sound files are included the voice and vocabulary may be amended so that the pupils listen to a familiar voice, their teacher for example, with the correct language / accent / emphasis.

WordFile4Me - Stage 3

The 'talking' word bank is loaded from the working directory, it is different for each stage, and each can be edited by the teacher to include words appropriate to the topic and attainment level of the pupils. Words are 'spoken' when selected, double click or press the 'Enter' key to add the selected word to the text.
The colour of selected text or newly entered text depends on which coloured button is 'down'.
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WordFile4Me - Stage 8

Select to enlarge   At this stage the program operates as a Multi Document Interface which includes object, picture, column and table functions, can Open/Convert most popular Word processor formats (.doc) and web documents (htm and html), and Writes standard rich text, basic document and web files (rtf, doc and htm); also any text convertors installed and registered by other programs (per 'Windows' standards) are included for convertion purposes. 

Text font and colour choices are no longer restricted and the wordbank is replaced with the Thesaurus/Dictionary (which requires a separate download and installation).
The 'word finish' and 'spell check' functions can use a range of Main Dictionary files which include foriegn languages but also you can use your own 'word list' as the Main dictionary in addition to the usual Custom dictionary; this simple novel feature produces a significant performance advantage over that used in most popular word processors.

Stage 9 enables multi layered 'form mode' documents to be created, for example pupils complete worksheets/tests in data boxes over a master document with provision to save all or only their answers

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